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campus virtual

Certificate Internationally in First Aid and CPR in our Virtual Campus, where you can acces the official course of AIDER and ACES and certificate your knowledge.


We offer the last IoMT holter patches, with you can do Holters for 5 to 7 days and obtain the results in your email in 72 hours guaranted.

Remote patient monitoring

Increase your clinic and hospital capacity with the remote patient monitoring solution. In one place you can watch the real time data from 80 patients at the time.


With the LifeSignals Patches you can do Holters do your patient from 3 to 7 days


With our solutions you can attend unlimited patients at the sametime, without the concern of the high cost of traditional holter devices.


With our model of patches can you continue with you lifestyle withouts interruptions or special care.


With our LifeSignals patches you can do unlimited holters at the same time, with the guarantee that in 72 hours you can obtain the results in your email, done for cardiologic specialist.


Our solution are enabled to use in multiple areas into your organization, helping you to

Early warning detection

analitics capability

reduce readmissions

reducing waiting list

zero contact monitoring

increase capacity of attention

Any time, any place, always connected

The LifeSignals Chip is designed to instantly communicate biomedical data to a central server, where it can immediately be analyzed and/or drive alerts and medical decisions.However, in some cases, wireless services may not be available or it may be preferred to store data on the LifeSignals Chip for transmission at a later date. The base configuration of LifeSignals Wearable Biosensors has on-board memory to store multiple days of data. The exact amount of information stored is based on the density and type of information captured by the sensors.


Meet and Grow offers to you solutions that help you to have a better control of your patients, add capacity of attention and grow your knowledge, all our solutions are created thinking to use in any place, any time.

campus virtual

Access to a new world of International Certifications in First Aid, CPR, CIS, and other in our virtual learning center.

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Know about our Holter-on-Demand and Holter-as-a-Service, and simplify your organization and increases your capacity of attention.

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remote monitoring patient

On the beach, mountain, in all the world, you can do a real time monitoring of your patients with our remote monitoring solution.

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regional presence

Meet and Grow have presence in the most important countries in LatinAmerica, over a sophisticated network of partner, that can enable your organization quickly, with local assistance.

Actually the solutions of Meet and Grow are presented in:
El Salvador
República Domincana

Why meet and grow solutions?

All our solutions are mainly thinked in do it your organization smart, and faster.


Patented healthcare silicon chip technology with over 10 years of R&D

Reliable & Secure

HIPAA & GDPR compliant cloud data transfer


Proven reliability, accuracy, and usability that meet global regulatory requirements